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29th Sep 2014

center]Welcome To TheLegitHacker Hacking Services [/align]

[/align=center]My Itroduction Post [/align]
[align=center][spoil]Yes im new i know
[color=red]Im A Legit Hacker/Modder
[color=orange]I Can Help To
[color=brown]I Will Be Active Everyday
[color=yellow]I Will Be Honest
[color=green]I Will Obey The Rules For TTG
[color=olive]I Will Never Steal Accounts
[color=cyan]I Will Give Proof
[color=blue]I Will Try My Hardest
[color=darkblue]I Will Never Give Up NO MATTER HOW HARD THE CHALLENGE IS
[color=indigo]I Will Survive
[color=violet]I Will Always Love TTG
[color=darkred]I Will Stay Strong
[color=red]I Will Not Try To Get Suspended
[color=orange]I Will Respect Everyone On TTG NO MATTER HOW MEAN/RUDE You Are
[color=brown]I Will Not Judge Religions
[color=yellow]I Will Not Damage Anything On TTG
[color=green]I Will Always Say LIKE!!! A!!! BOSS!!!

[color=red]SEE RAINBOW/ALL COLORS MIXED TOGETHER[/spoil][/align]
[align=center]Please read the disclaimer as well as all the information before you purchase! 
All staff members can choose whichever package they want and have it done for free! 

Games and Packages 
*Add 30$ on any order to get the extra ban protection! 
This package will have your account done on an unshared KV and then afterwards the KV is stored away in case I have to do anything else on your account. This greatly adds protection to the account[/align]
[align=center]GrandTheftAuto 5 [/align]
[align=center][spoil]Rank package - 3$
*Get to choose the rank desired (1-8000) 

Money package - 2$
*Get to choose the cash desired 

Rank + Money package - 5$
*Get to choose the rank desired 
*Get to choose the cash desired 

Unlock all is coming soon![/spoil][/align]
[align=center]Payment Methods [/align]
[align=center][spoil]PayPal(Let me know that you are using PayPal and I will send payment instructions)[/spoil][/align]
[align=center]How To Contact [/align]
[align=center][spoil]Please send me a private message to start with your purchase. 
Also when paying with paypal please follow the instructions of payment exactly as anything done outside of the instructions will result in a refund. 
Also note that I will not be on any other account and will not use any other sort of method of contact. This is my only account so if you message someone else and they scam you it is not my fault. Again this is my only account so DO NOT make purchases from anyone else claiming to be me. 
[align=center]Disclaimer [/align]
[align=center][spoil]I am NOT to be held responsible if your account is suspended from GTA V and/or Xbox LIVE. There is always a small risk of being banned when it comes to having your account modified. I take every precaution possible to prevent your account(s) from being affected. However, we do not have any reports of accounts being banned during our tests. If you are still afraid of being banned, please consider purchasing the 'Extra Ban Protection'. By purchasing this service you are signifying that you understand these terms.[/spoil][/align]
[align=center]FAQ [/align]
[align=center][spoil]Q: Can I purchase the package for [insert other non-listed payment methods]? 
A: No, I will only be accepting purchases with the listed payment method's and will ignore any requests of use of other methods. 

Q: Can I only purchase 1 thing from the package for a cheaper price? 
A: No, If you want something that only comes in a certain package you will have to purchase that package in order to get it. I do not have time to do custom orders that aren't on the package list as if I did it for one person I would have to do it for everyone and it becomes confusing and a hassle. 

Q: Can I add you on skype or some other method of contact to talk? 
A: No, Please do not ask as I will just ignore the PM. I only will ever deal on this TTG account and I will only communicate through the site's PM system. 

Q: How long until completion of the account? What is an ETA? 
A: Since I go based off of who paid first I will usually complete the account within 15 minutes of the purchase and up to 48 hours max. In some extreme cases if something comes up I will notify the purchaser of the situation. I can also not give an exact ETA due to the nature of what I do. Some things may take longer to complete accounts, so I can never give an estimate of when you will be done. 

Q: Can I make a vouch video for you? Could you invite me for free? I do not have enough money can I get this package for cheaper? 
A: No, I have close buddies who can record for me already if I ever need a video. 
No, posting your gamertag will probably only result in MS banning you and any posts like that will be reportet the tool's that I use for the services as I will just ignore it. 
No, I will not ever have a partner helping out with the services. 
I will not discuss any of the methods being used and any PM's sent will be ignored. [/spoil][/align]
[align=center]Proof [/align]
[align=center][spoil]None ATM
(WILL NEED A RECORDER)[/spoil][/align]

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